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EDR-DOS "patch" tool (Developers)

posted by Torsten(R), 23.04.2017, 22:41

Hi Daniel

On Tue, 24 Jan 2017 16:51, danielnice wrote:
>I have downloaded all of the sources and patches from EDR-DOS and
>successfully built it to match the existing binaries: (URL)

Compliments! Which assembler version (executable's dates?) and which
compiler did you use? Do your binaries match Udo Kuhnt's ones *exactly*?

I have played quite long with the sources and tried dozens of assembler /
compiler combinations, but none of my builds exactly matched the originals
(except DRBIO.SYS which is created by the included RASM86.EXE only).

BTW, a snapshot of Udo Kuhnt's site (as of 18/08/2013) is
available at [] (10 MB).

The sources are somewhat unhandy, as all patches have to be applied
subsequently. I have created a new build tree with patches up to
7.01.08 WIP (21.7.2011) applied, with source file time stamps set to
the latest respectively applied patch (a minor own path is included as
well). If you wish, I can make this 752 KB archive available somewhere.

I am less enthousiastic about EDR-DOS than before, however. It's FAT32
support seems incomplete: FAT32-aware tools won't work properly, SCANDISK
reports errors on definitely intact partitions and would damage FAT32
structures if permitted to "fix" such presumed errors under EDR-DOS.
Andrew Schulman's tool FILES.EXE (searches the system file table and
shows the program segment prefix of the first respective programs)
reports "size based on _osmajor looks wrong" and finds an orphaned
(second!) NUL device handle.

Finally, due to compatibility issues, DR-DOS' / EDR-DOS' main feature,
it's Task Manager is of little use. Udo's patches to TASKMGR.EXE binaries
fix EDR-DOS' "dumb console problem" up to 7.01.08 WIP (6.12.2005) only.
Though it may start in MultiTasker mode, TASKMGR works very unstable with
EDR-DOS 7.01.08 WIP (21.7.2011). In Task Manager mode, applications may
be started "blindly" (i.e. without console control), but DPMI apps are
prone to crash the system. - While EDR-DOS optimizes HMA usage and gains
about 7 KB of DOS memory compared to FreeDOS build 2042, it sacrifices
compatibility and stability.

Regards, Torsten


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