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EDR-DOS "patch" tool (Developers)

posted by danielnice(R), 24.04.2017, 19:34


I used the MAKE.BAT file included with the original Caldera kit.
It invokes the rasm86 assembler which is also included.

I make a batch file which applies all the patches from Udo in sequence if you want it...

However, I found that my issue with SHARE required SHARE itself to be patched. In this case, I simply found the record locking calls and replaced them with "RETF" instructions in SHARE.EXE without having source code.

I agree that there are issues with FAT32 in DR-DOS, but FreeDOS caused a lot of problems last time I tried to use it as well.

-Daniel Nice

> Hi Daniel
> On Tue, 24 Jan 2017 16:51, danielnice wrote:
> >I have downloaded all of the sources and patches from EDR-DOS and
> >successfully built it to match the existing binaries: (URL)
> Compliments! Which assembler version (executable's dates?) and which
> compiler did you use? Do your binaries match Udo Kuhnt's ones *exactly*?
> I have played quite long with the sources and tried dozens of assembler /
> compiler combinations, but none of my builds exactly matched the originals
> (except DRBIO.SYS which is created by the included RASM86.EXE only).
> BTW, a snapshot of Udo Kuhnt's site (as of 18/08/2013) is
> available at [] (10
> MB).
> The sources are somewhat unhandy, as all patches have to be applied
> subsequently. I have created a new build tree with patches up to
> 7.01.08 WIP (21.7.2011) applied, with source file time stamps set to
> the latest respectively applied patch (a minor own path is included as
> well). If you wish, I can make this 752 KB archive available somewhere.
> I am less enthousiastic about EDR-DOS than before, however. It's FAT32
> support seems incomplete: FAT32-aware tools won't work properly, SCANDISK
> reports errors on definitely intact partitions and would damage FAT32
> structures if permitted to "fix" such presumed errors under EDR-DOS.
> Andrew Schulman's tool FILES.EXE (searches the system file table and
> shows the program segment prefix of the first respective programs)
> reports "size based on _osmajor looks wrong" and finds an orphaned
> (second!) NUL device handle.
> Finally, due to compatibility issues, DR-DOS' / EDR-DOS' main feature,
> it's Task Manager is of little use. Udo's patches to TASKMGR.EXE binaries
> fix EDR-DOS' "dumb console problem" up to 7.01.08 WIP (6.12.2005) only.
> Though it may start in MultiTasker mode, TASKMGR works very unstable with
> EDR-DOS 7.01.08 WIP (21.7.2011). In Task Manager mode, applications may
> be started "blindly" (i.e. without console control), but DPMI apps are
> prone to crash the system. - While EDR-DOS optimizes HMA usage and gains
> about 7 KB of DOS memory compared to FreeDOS build 2042, it sacrifices
> compatibility and stability.
> Regards, Torsten


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