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EDR-DOS "patch" tool (Developers)

posted by Torsten(R), 26.04.2017, 20:44

Thank you for your reply, Daniel!

I'm not clear about SHARE's record locking issue you mention. Does it
occur with DR-DOS 8.1's SHARE.EXE R2.06 as well? This one works with
EDR-DOS 7.01.08, just as SHARE R2.02 from Udo's site. I prefer R2.06.

please, indicate the exact sizes of the binaries you created.
Which versions of the Library Manager (LIB.EXE), the Executable Linker
(LINK.EXE) and Macro Assembler did you use? Which Watcom C release, 7.0,
10.0, 10.0a (as used by Udo), 11.0c, or perhaps Open Watcom? Which one?

Solely DRDOS.SYS builds with the Digital Research RASM-86 Assembler v1.4a
provided in Calderas package alone (36597 bytes). DRBIO.SYS and COMMAND.COM
require the indicated MS and, in case of the latter, Watcom tools.
What are the sizes of your DRBIO.SYS and COMMAND.COM? Do they differ from the
7.01.08 WIP (21.7.2011) originals, or does COMP report their identicalness?

On Sun, 24 Jan 2017 19:34, danielnice wrote:
>I used the MAKE.BAT file [...] it invokes the rasm86 assembler [...]
Yes, obviously. And many more tools as well ... (see above).

Regards, Torsten (pas confondre)


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