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EDR-DOS "patch" tool (Developers)

posted by danielnice(R), 09.05.2017, 17:07


It has been a little while since I looked at this stuff but apparently I only rebuilt DRDOS.SYS because that was the only references I found to SHARE.

So I have no tried to rebuild COMMAND.COM which is more complicated since it involves non-provided tools.

I do not have a copy of SHARE R2.06 -- Where can I get it?

-Daniel Nice

> Thank you for your reply, Daniel!
> I'm not clear about SHARE's record locking issue you mention. Does it
> occur with DR-DOS 8.1's SHARE.EXE R2.06 as well? This one works with
> EDR-DOS 7.01.08, just as SHARE R2.02 from Udo's site. I prefer R2.06.
> please, indicate the exact sizes of the binaries you created.
> Which versions of the Library Manager (LIB.EXE), the Executable Linker
> (LINK.EXE) and Macro Assembler did you use? Which Watcom C release, 7.0,
> 10.0, 10.0a (as used by Udo), 11.0c, or perhaps Open Watcom? Which one?
> Solely DRDOS.SYS builds with the Digital Research RASM-86 Assembler v1.4a
> provided in Calderas package alone (36597 bytes). DRBIO.SYS and
> require the indicated MS and, in case of the latter, Watcom tools.
> What are the sizes of your DRBIO.SYS and COMMAND.COM? Do they differ from
> the
> 7.01.08 WIP (21.7.2011) originals, or does COMP report their
> identicalness?
> On Sun, 24 Jan 2017 19:34, danielnice wrote:
> >I used the MAKE.BAT file [...] it invokes the rasm86 assembler [...]
> Yes, obviously. And many more tools as well ... (see above).
> Regards, Torsten (pas confondre)


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