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Forum maintenance on 2017-06-14 (Announce)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 28.05.2017, 22:09

> I'll keep you updated here in this post thread.

I've finished testing on the new server and results are pretty good. :-)
As expected I have to take care of different character encodings (ISO-8859-1 vs UTF-8), but I know, how to handle it.

I decided to not modify the forum software itself, because this could lead to serious trouble for people using old web browsers.

Important note: After the server move user passwords containing single or double quotes (' or "), and only those (!), need to be escaped using \ properly. If your password is, e.g., 1"23'4, you have to type 1\"23\'4. (Cause: Magic Quotes)
After your initial login on the new server succeeds, you can "change" your password by typing 1"23'4 again. That will then save the correct hash value to the forum's database.

Schedule (CEST):
1) 2017-06-13 (Evening): I disable the forum. (You'll then see: 'The forum is currently unavailable.')
2) 2017-06-14 (Morning): Web-hosting service move everything to the new server.
3) 2017-06-14 (Evening): I do some checks and minor adjustments. If everything is fine, I re-enable the forum. In case of fatal errors, I'll post a message to


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