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Batch program for natural to 7-digit file name conversion? (Miscellaneous)

posted by Torsten(R), 09.06.2017, 11:23

Dear all,

I need to transfer data between different programs. However, the names
of the files with the respective data follow different conventions:
the input uses natural numbers for files names (i.e. 1, 2 ... 999999),
whereas the target program requires seven-digit file names, with leading
zeroes (0000001, 0000002 ... 0999999, 1000000) to order them properly.

I wonder whether such conversion could be done with a batch program's
"FOR %variable IN (set) DO"-loops, or if a more complex command set is
required. Maybe with a 4DOS's .BTM batch file, or using a script
language (Perl, Java, Rexx)?

Thanks for input, Torsten


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