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UPTIME (Announce)

posted by Guti(R) Homepage, 03.07.2017, 10:17

Glad you liked the idea. ZEROFILL is already in the FreeDOS repository, so you can easily grab it from there: Unfortunately it is still 1.04, and not latest 1.05.

UPTIME, even if announced on the FreeDOS list, it is not yet at ibiblio AFAIK. So you can try those direct links:

> Ingenious idea to create an UPTIME tool for DOS, Javier!
> Alas, the provided Sourceforge project's homepage isn't supported by
> the Links browser. I could only load it from the location.
> Static links to files on SF would be the best ... instead of loading a
> 5 KB Zipfile, Links starts to load a 99.9 MB FileOptimizerSetup.exe
> from the presented link.
> I just saw your ZEROFILL utility there. A good idea as well! I use the
> FILL-0.COM tool from 1986 for the same purpose. Alas, some Unices exist
> which do not possess a zero device, thus I happened to crowd a virtual
> disk's partition with ZEROFILLed dummy files in order to improve the
> image's compressibility. BTW, tools like ZEROFILL or FILL-0 should
> *not* be used to clean solid state disks. From the SSD controller's
> perspective, such action would mark the entire drive as being "used",
> and consequently decrease it's write performance.
> Greetings, Torsten

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