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Arachne DGI like functionality in Links (Announce)

posted by Oso2k(R), 20.07.2017, 20:33

> > Does anybody know if it is possible to setup Links 2.x (trying 2.14
> right
> > now) with something like Arachne's DOS Gateway Interface (DGI)?
> >
> > It's easy enough to get Links to call out to an Association executable,
> > but, is it possible to get it create an Environment (URL + Query String
> > seems done), and then get it to read + render the returned output? I
> think
> > I could 75% of what I want with URL + Query String but the read + render
> > output does not seem possible.
> Should be possible, depending on what it is you want to happen.
> I have got Links2.14 to do a few things, mostly by feeding stuff through
> bat files.
> That may be worth a try, depending on what you have in mind.
> Arachne and Links2.14 are my two favourite DOS browsers.

I want to reimplement DGI in Links.


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