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HEXABOOT (Announce) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 01.08.2017, 18:14

> On Sat, Jul 29, 2017, Rugxulo wrote:
> >FreeDOS alone would probably work fine
> Is set up as the default system. Several developers still consider
> MS-DOS 7.x as the default target.

Frankly, MS-DOS is long dead. FreeDOS is a much better choice, especially for future use.

> >Probably should've grabbed a percentage of total RAM found
> Would effectively be a better setting, but Jack R. Ellis' RDISK doesn't
> have such routine in it's few hundreds bytes of code. Or did I miss it?

You'll have to patch it yourself (which I never bothered doing) or use some .BAT trickery with Eric Auer's XMSSIZE util.

> Another objective was to permit to evaluate a feature of Daniela Engert's
> DaniS506.add driver for OS/2, UIDE.SYS' counterpart.

ArcaOS is the latest OS/2 variant being sold, AFAIK. Dunno if it would work with any of that, though.

> Would be nice if some of these features could be implemented in UIDE.SYS.

2015-era sources are still on iBiblio.

> [HX' Win32 emulation issue in secondary shells]
> >I'm not sure I understand, but can you try "EMM386 PIC=ON"?
> Is set up, for multitasking. Any other flavor uses UMBPCI.
> To reproduce the issue: launch FAR 1.70 or FC/W 2.20 in DOS/HX. Try to
> execute another Win32 text mode binary from the command line. In certain
> cases, a "relocs stripped, cannot load" message will appear, while the
> same binaries run fine when started from the command line alone.

I'm saying that DR-DOS EMM386 may work if you fiddle with some settings. But I don't actively use DR-DOS anymore, so I don't remember.

> [LFN enabled 4DOS build]
> >Wasn't it already LFN-aware (if you added a setting in the .INI)?
> Works with MS-DOS >= 7.1 only.

Use SETVER (or maybe Eric Auer's CALLVER for FD) if needed.

> Apologies: forgot to add my build's diff against Rexx Conn's sources
> (diminuitive change, just REMms the DOS version check).

Yes, various DOS utils make hardcoded version checks (which is a bad idea, IMO).

> >You can find 2.9.0 [...] at .
> Stefan didn't succeed in providing required import functions (his
> and DMWAPI.DLL january builds won't fill the gap). So, 2.7.0 2016-09-03 is
> the very latest one which runs in WinNT 5.1.

XP? Well, it is abandoned, so even while some people (barely) still use it, it's not a good target. Honestly, even though I don't have access to it anymore, I still wish more people would support it (or at least not forcibly require new OSes just for minor changes), but it's not my decision. The workaround is probably to "just use Linux". (Even Bochs precompiled Windows binary unnecessarily requires P4/SSE2 nowadays, sadly.)

> >Then mTCP (FTP, IRCJR), Wget, Links2, etc. all work fine.
> Michael Brutman does a serious work, it comes with outstanding
> documentation. The more, I really miss a PING, or even a HOST utility
> in DOS (as present in Linux or OS/2, lacks in Win).
> Just preferred to maintain only one single configuration file
> HX ports of PING, HOST and WHOIS would be great.

Wattcp reportedly has some of those. And there's also other networking tools like ETHTOOLS (but I'm a networking noob, for the most part, so I'm not much help).

> >[legal issues]
> Words of wisdom.
> I removed the link's target, it's no longer valid. Sorry for this.

Well, rr didn't complain (yet), so I was waiting for his corroboration. I don't wish to be a burden, but legalities are annoying and not worth the risk.

> >[Japheth] hope he's resting fine
> Didn't try hard enough to learn about his fate.

One guy says he just quit using DOS. I find that hard to believe, but he's free to do whatever he wants.


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