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HEXABOOT (Announce) (Announce)

posted by Torsten(R), 02.08.2017, 23:47
(edited by Torsten on 03.08.2017, 01:20)


On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 18:14, Rugxulo wrote:
>MS-DOS is long dead [...] FreeDOS better choice
I wonder how long you've tested HEXABOOT.
As said before, FreeDOS is set up as the default system, with small
enhancements (a hack overcomes FreeCom 2014/07/19's inability to load
drivers high).
The other flavors are included for reference/ research/ compatibility
check purposes. On real hardware, for building EDR-DOS 7.01.08 WIP from
Udo Kuhnt's sources, it revealed that OS/2 text mode's DOS boxes worked
more stable and offered more comfort than native DOSses.
FreeDOS screws up OS/2 when started in a Virtual Machine Boot session.
From the 7.1 variants, only MS-DOS and PC DOS can safely be used here
("M" or "P" keys from the F2 menu in HEXABOOT's OS/2 text mode system).

I've tried the AMD PCnet NIC driver, as suggested in your message from
Jul 27, 2017. The NDIS driver uses only 27 KB of memory, the packet
driver even less. The EXXXh memory segment is still reserved for
bootrom code, but this is rather VirtualBox related.

>You'll have to patch [RDISK] yourself [...] .BAT trickery with XMSSIZE
Batch file code example welcome.
In general, assigning >= 96 MB to the guest session works fine. No need
to modify Jack's sources (not my idea, anyway). Mentioned the requirement
because mc 4.1.36 and Lynx 2.8.6rel.1 fail to start with only 3 MB free
XMS when launched in VirtualBox with 64 MB guest memory assignment.

>latest OS/2 variant [...]
I'm not addressing OS/2, but UIDE.SYS developers, maintainers and users.
As SHELL=COMMAND.COM /MSG stores error messages in memory, UIDE.SYS could
do similar, like DaniS506.add does.

>[HX' Win32 emulation issue] DR-DOS EMM386 [...]
Did you reproduce the error?
It's unrelated to EMM386 (mostly), but occurs in any DOS using UMBPCI/
XMGR.SYS or HIMEM.EXE. What happens on your installation?
I consider this a serious restriction with HX, several tools like Dr. Karl
Syring's native Win32 ports won't run at all, so reports are welcome.

>Use SETVER [with 4DOS in PC DOS 7.1]
Prefer launching a LFN enabled build;-)

>"just use Linux"
I share your regret that older Windows versions are the less and less
supported. Quite often, incompatibilities are related to stupid compiler
switches, or the compiler itself: only the old MS Visual Studio 2005
can create 64-bit binaries, while still supporting W98/ME, WinNT 4.0 and
W2k targets. No experience with GCC variants. In QEMU >= 2.7.0, things
become more complicated, as the emulation requires functions which lack
in older Win implementations. Bochs affected as well? Bad news ...
On a Linux 2011 installation, by contrast, things usually just work.

>[PING, HOST and WHOIS for HX] Wattcp reportedly has some of those.
Prefer observations to reports from unknown sources. (retrieved on
2017/02/02) contains ping.exe 699904 bytes 2016/06/06 (no host.exe, no
whois.exe). HX 2.17's WSTEST.EXE 2009/03/07, which provides some HOST
functionality is only 3072 bytes in size. I.e., it doesn't waste disk
space for redundant DOS extender and stack code. Ping's C sources are in
(retrieved on 2016/08/27). Would be a challenge to port them and / or
Links itself to HX, in order to obtain tinyer, more efficient programs.

>[Japheth] One guy says he just quit using DOS.
Would match Daniela Engert's behaviour who, after ten years of development
(and considerable investments into testing hardware) cancelled her project,
transferred it's sources to Steven Levine, and removed OS/2 from her disks.
Steven, on his part has released an AHCI driver based on Dani's sources.
Japheth's work merits a comparable successor.

Regards, Torsten


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