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TRIM (Announce)

posted by tom(R) Homepage, Germany, 14.08.2017, 16:37


> Only the operating system understands (and needs to know) where this file
> is actually written.
FAT32 is extremely well documented (and fairly easy to implement).

> While there are some DOS tools which address clusters
> directly (DISKEDIT, DEFRAG), deliberate TRIMming of particular clusters
> (or, rather sectors) requires a close interaction with the file system
> which, on it's side, needs to support this as well.
wrong. basically 'locate empty clusters and TRIM' requires no interaction
with filesystem at all; at least in single tasking OS.

> Due to the
> complexity of file system structures, reliable tools are difficult to
> implement.
if you consider FAT complex, stop writing in this forum.

> For example, a FAT32-capable DEFRAGger is still unavailable, the
> same applies to CHKDSK (only found the buggy DOSFSCK), and
> ReactOS 0.4.4's CHKDSK[X] cannot correct neither FAT nor FAT32.

I assume this is all new and undiscovered area for you.

DEFRAGGing and CHKDSK are orders of magnitudes more complicated to implement as this process has many more variables.


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