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Debugging HX applications under WD for DOS (Developers)

posted by danielnice(R), 28.08.2017, 21:21

I want to make protected mode DOS programs using HX DOS Extender in assembler.
Before I write anything complicated, I'm trying to get the debugging environment to work (WD.EXE) and I am having problems.

I have set up WATCOM and installed HX DOS Extender per the instructions.

After much experimenting with JWASM, I gave up on it and went with plain WASM.
All of the examples in HX say to use MASM + LINK but I do not have the latest versions of the Microsoft tools.

So, I used WASM and WLINK and this gave me "source level debugging", but no global or local variables populate the expected windows under WD (for DOS).

Can anyone help me get the local and global variables to show up under WD using the below program as an example? Further down I give the exact command-line for WASM and WLINK that I used.

Here is the sample program I want to debug:
Contents of SAMPLE.ASM:
.model flat

str1 db 13,10,"Hello, world!",13,10,"$"

testproc PROC

Mov test1,1
Mov test2,2

testproc Endp

main proc c
Call testproc

Mov AH,9
Mov EDX, offset str1
Int 21h
Mov AX,4C00h
Int 21h

main Endp
End main
Here were my exact options:
WASM -D1 -Fo=sample.obj sample.asm
WLINK @sample.lnk

Contents of SAMPLE.LNK:
FILE 'sample.obj'
NAME 'sample.exe'
OPTION STUB=loadpe.bin

Any help is appreciated.
-Daniel Nice


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