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Debugging HX applications under WD for DOS (Developers)

posted by danielnice(R), 29.08.2017, 15:43

> > I want to make protected mode DOS programs using HX DOS Extender in
> > assembler.
> > Before I write anything complicated, I'm trying to get the debugging
> > environment to work (WD.EXE) and I am having problems.
> Okay (although I haven't debugged a lot under WD myself).
> > After much experimenting with JWASM, I gave up on it and went with plain
> > WASM.
> Why exactly? JWasm is much better.

If I use JWASM with WLINK, I do still get source level debugging, but it runs the program entirely first. I then have to select "debug startup" in order to step from the beginning. I'm not sure how this would be on larger programs.

Using WASM with -D3 gives the same results as -D1.

> > All of the examples in HX say to use MASM + LINK but I do not have the
> > latest versions of the Microsoft tools.
> You shouldn't need them.
> JWasm
> +
> JWlink
> were Japheth's preferred tools.
JWLINK does not give source level debugging under WD with any options I tried.
Further, the HX make files all use MS LINK. In the comments, they say to use WLINK to get source level debugging under WD.

> > Can anyone help me get the local and global variables to show up under
> WD
> > using the below program as an example? Further down I give the exact
> > command-line for WASM and WLINK that I used.
> >
> > Here were my exact options:
> > ======================
> > WASM -D1 -Fo=sample.obj sample.asm
> > WLINK @sample.lnk
> Doesn't WASM go up to -d3 ? Maybe you didn't set it high enough?
> AFAIK, default debugging info is Dwarf, but there are other variants
> available (e.g. older "watcom" or CodeView). Some may work better (or
> worse) than others. Not sure if they fully work for DOS, though.
> BTW, Japheth also modified (fixed) WD.EXE, so you may wish to try that
> variation as well:
The version of WD from Japheth is not really modified except for a few superficial start up options. It does contain an interesting example program (DOS2.ASM) explaining how to work around quirks of WD. Unfortunately, the whole thing assumes 16-bit real-mode and says nothing about what quirks there may be in other situations...

> Otherwise, dunno, try asking on
> news://openwatcom.contributors
> , they seem minimally active.


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