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ecm code drop: RxDOS 7.20N, lDebug, RxANSI (Announce)

posted by Guti(R) Homepage, 08.09.2017, 09:47

I was not aware on RX-DOS 7.15, thought latest was 6.20 ( So please, can you build binaries? I want to take a look to it.

I am very pleased seeing RX-DOS is still in development. Always liked its ASM approach.

> Here's some of the projects I've worked on in the past few years, starting
> in 2008. Some are still receiving development.
> RxDOS 7.2x: The initial commit, 7.20N, is a bug-for-bug port of the RxDOS
> kernel to NASM. 7.22+ is still early in its development. I recommend not
> to use this yet; there's a lot of work to do. GNU GPL v2+
> lDebug: A debugger based on FreeDOS (Japheth's) Debug. It has nicer
> assembly formatting, allows some run-time options, and parses numeric
> expressions. Fair license
> RxANSI: An ANSI driver (ANSI display codes only) with optimal installation
> handling, and advanced removal handling. Public domain
> Some more programs there:
> bdiff.jh: Jason Hood's bdiff, creates user-readable binary diff files.
> Public domain
> cntlines: Counts lines in NASM source, recognises some different types of
> lines. Fair license
> X2B: exe2bin replacement. Public domain
> See also (RxDOS status) and
> (RxDOS boot support in dosemu2)

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