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formating USB sticks? (Users)

posted by Karen(R) Homepage, 08.09.2017, 19:56

Hi rob,
I am not now nor have ever been a windows user, unless you count the ones
in my home.
Instead, I use a ms dos 7.1 package, having all of my computers custom
built around this package.
My USB driver was created by Panasonic, with my wondering that since my
system fully supports fat 32, my BIOS sees USB and the driver insures
drives several times larger than this stick are recognized if it will be
Might make for a fun test to be sure.
Thanks for providing your perspective,

> The easiest thing is formatting in windows with FAT32. Of course you need
> FREEDOS, DRDOS, MS DOS 7.1 or other DOS version with FAT32 support.
> > Hi everyone,
> > Long time dOs user, but first post here. I have a rather excellent USB
> > driver for dOs. It allows me to use a large USB drive as backup for
> > example. I am wondering if I can format a USB stick for dos, having it
> > recognized? there is a large quantity of plain text stories I would
> like
> >
> > to save on this stick. Ideas?
> > Thanks,
> > Kare


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