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spreadshith compatible with XLS format (Users)

posted by GNUser(R), 12.09.2017, 16:11

> Actually, there's still plenty of utility left in those old spreadsheet
> programs (1-2-3, As-Easy-As, Quattro Pro, ...). Even the original VisiCalc
> can be useful, too.
> The later ones (like Excel) do have some new built-in functions, but most
> of the "progress" is really just in formatting capabilities (fonts and
> colors and such). Even some DOS programs like Quattro Pro had some of
> those capabilities, though. It hasn't even been all that long (2007) since
> Excel allowed more than 256 columns and 64k rows.
> If your definition of utility means being able to use the same spreadsheet
> in any OS, then I don't think any spreadsheet would be utilitarian enough
> to suit you. You can actually still do a lot of useful things with DOS
> spreadsheets if you really want to (and NOT letting other OS's see your
> data can actually be a benefit instead of a hindrance in certain
> situations).

I have been trying to get my DOS machine to be somehow "inter compatible" with my Linux machine. I have noticed that LibreOffice Calc can still open/save formats like DIF and DBF and CSV, which are file formats that old spreadsheets used (SuperCalc, Visicalc, etc). I am basically lost to which file format will be best to use however... can anyone suggest me some links that describe each file format in more detail? I have made a small test and usually formulas don't work between one and the other, but data moves ok... I am just really ignorant about spreadsheet software and files.
Any help greatly appreciated :)



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