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USB mouse driver for real DOS mode? (Miscellaneous)

posted by mvojvodic(R), 16.09.2017, 10:13
(edited by mvojvodic on 16.09.2017, 18:18)

> > I cannot find real DOS USB mouse driver, except oxci.exe and
> > uhci.exe from Norton Ghost. I tried both. They worked on several
> > machines, but not on all I tested. And these drivers need much memory.
> >
> > Does anybody know any alternate drivers?
> >
> > Please, do not tell me to use USB to PS2 adapter. My new motherboard
> > does not have PS2 ports. And please, no DOS extenders, emulators and
> > virtual machines for DOS; if we abandon real DOS, then DOS is dead,
> > and so is this forum.
> Doesn't BIOS/CSM emulate USB Mouse to PS/2 one?
That crippled Award BIOS cannot support PS/2. They wanted to save money,
and used small BIOS memory chip. So they removed floppy, IDE, Firewire,
PS/2, and serial protocoll support. Also there is no LPT port, so I can
use only USB printers. That motherboard has 12 SATA connectors (four of
them are for external SATA disks), a lot of PCI slots and USB connectors.


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