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USB mouse driver for real DOS mode? (Miscellaneous)

posted by mvojvodic(R), 18.09.2017, 10:05

> You can try my USB drivers, but they currently only work with UHCI USB Host
> Controllers (those made by Intel and Via). They include drivers for mice
> and printers, among other things.
> However, the printer driver only emulates the parallel port -- it does not
> do any protocol conversion. As long as your program(s) can "talk" to the
> printer in their native language, you're OK. Text-only printing usually
> works OK, as long as your printer can do text printing (a lot of newer ones
> can't). I've also had pretty good luck with graphics printing as long I
> stick with something like HP's PCL or sometimes even PostScript. I've also
> been able to use really old parallel printers (like dot-matrix printers)
> with a USB-to-parallel port adapter cable (USB on the computer end of the
> cable and parallel/Centronics on the printer end).
> You can downloiad the drivers from:



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