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SOUND support in DOS | Capturing PC speaker sound (Developers)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 11.10.2017, 20:23

Hello Tom!
Redirecting PC speaker into modern sound card is indeed extremely interresting.
I tried your utility on two computers but unfortunately in both cases it does not work properly.

In the first case is it an older machine with SoundBlaster Live! which is not HDA compliant but just AC97 compliant.
Your program says: "HDA mixer volume: 01F" and silently ends.
Maybe some additional error message would be needed...

In the second case is it notebook HP Pavilion dv6.
Now it writes much more output.
But in the result nothing happens and I can't hear any sound from PC speaker programs (like game Duck Tales)

Unmute - PCBEEP to headphone - Written by TomCat/Abaddon - v1.0/2017
HDA mixer volume: 01F.
HDA device id: 293E, vendor id: 8086.
- i/o base found at DA100000, mapped to 00122000, selector: 0C7.
HDA codec id: 7603, vendor id: 111D.
- codec address found at 00000000, first widget id: 00A, last widget id: 027.
- BEEP generator widget id: 026 DISABLED.
- PC speaker widget id: 00D MUTED.
- PCBEEP widget not found.
HDA device id: AA38, vendor id: 1002.
- i/o base found at DA010000, mapped to 00122000, selector: 0CF.
HDA codec id: 0000, vendor id: 0000.
- codec address found at 00000000, first widget id: 002, last widget id: 002.
- BEEP generator widget id: 001 DISABLED.
- PCBEEP widget not found.



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