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Strange bug in FPC 3.0.2 IDE (Developers)

posted by marcov(R), 12.10.2017, 13:23

> However I very suffer by one bug in IDE which is 100% reproducible but not
> trivial to strip into minimal example so I hesitate to upload into bug
> tracker.
> So it is why I write it here - maybe somebody helps me.

1. do you have files (even include files) with the same name?
2. Examine directories when you have the problem. Do you have multiple .ppu's and .o's of the same unit in multiple directories?

Usually it is either some duplicate file problem, or that various modes of compilation (e.g. two projects and a share directory) have varying policies on where to store precompiled units. If one project (or some manual compilation) puts them in the source dir, and another in a project dir, the compiler suddenly sees two precompiled units, tries to recompile but fails for the first dependent unit that has two precompiled units or other datetime issues.


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