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Blocek 1.6 (Announce)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 13.10.2017, 00:04

Hello all!
After a quite long period I prepared a new version of my unicode (and not unicode) text editor and image viewer Blocek.
There is quite a many new features here:

- fixed graphical glitch causing garbage in some circumstancies when opening a new window
- mouse sometimes caused noticeable slowdown of program
- reenabled the char typing using ALT + <codes on numeric keyboard>
- fixed crash when "word wrapping" on empty file was selected
- optimized the method for getting the hardware glyphs from graphic card
+ implemented function keys CTRL+right arrow and CTRL+left arrow
+ implemented function CTRL+A (select all)
+ CTRL+Del deletes selected block
+ selected blocks are now visible just in the text - not only in status line
+ program language can be switched directly from menu system (no manual editing of conf. files is needed)
* not only the final compilation but also regular development is done with Freepascal 3.0.2

The download site is still the same like before.



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