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DOSBox SVN with HXRT and HXGUI (Emulation)

posted by DosFreak(R), 19.10.2017, 23:38


I'm working on a guide to compile DOSBox here:

So far I've gotten DOSBox compiled with:

Mingw w/ gcc 4.7.2 (i586) NT3.51+
Mingw-w64 w/ gcc 7.1.0 (i686) NT3.51+
VS2008 (i586) NT3.51+
VS2017 (i686) XP+

I've tested the NT3.51 and 95 builds with HXRT 2.17 further down in the thread.

If anyone has any thoughts on improving the guide or thoughts on HXRT and DOSBox then they would be appreciated.


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