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DOSBox SVN with HXRT and HXGUI (Emulation)

posted by DosFreak(R), 20.10.2017, 11:09

> BTW is there some living DOSBox version yet?
> I've been using this enhanced version but last
> release was done more than 2 yers ago...
> Are you going to do any improvements by yourself or why do you recompiling
> it?

DOSBox is still actively worked on as you can see here but there's been no official release for a couple of years.

The issue with software that maintains compatibility across operating systems is that not all patches can work on everything. The other issue is that even if the patch is supported across all operating systems then does it make sense to add it to mainline DOSBox if most people don't even use it.

Direct3D with pixelshaders - Windows Only
OpenglHQ - Dunno if this has been superseded by other shaders or scalers....
Innovation - How many games need this?
Glide - Still slow and buggy. Pcem emulation is superior.
zip/7z mount - How beneficial is this? Also likely "abandonware" contributor.
Beep - ?
NE2000 Ethernet - Not many games need it but would be a nice to have. Need to see if pcap supported still across linux,mac,windows
Graphical user interface (menu) - Likely not needed.
Save/Load states - buggy
Vertical sync - Is this supported across all OS?
CPU flags optimization - ?
Various DOS commands (PROMPT VOL, LABEL, MOUSE, etc) - What games need these?
CONFIG.SYS commands (DEVICE, BUFFERS, FILES, etc), Continuous turbo key, Core-switch key, Show details (from menu bar) - What games need these?
Nice DOSBox icon, Font patch (cp437), MAKEIMG command, INTRO, Ctrl-break patch, DBCS support patch, Automatic mount - What games need these?
Printer output - What games need this?
MT-32 emulation (MUNT) - Requires roland ROMs and most people don't have the original hardware.
MP3CUE - ?
Overscan border - Very few games utilize
Stereo-swap - ?
SDL_Resize - ?
Amstrad & PS/1 sound emulation - How many games need?
Fluidsynth soundfont support - ?
Timidity++ backend support - ?
CGA w/ Monochrome Monitor Support - ?
Improve PC Speaker emulation accuracy patch - ?
Pentium MMX - Not much of a point for DOS games
Dongle support - How many games need a dongle?
Secondary display - Not needed to play games.
DOSBox-X branch - Not for playing games.
File-locking support patch - Not needed for playing games
xBRZ scaler - Need to check hqx vs xbrz.

I'm creating the guide for learning purposes and to help people out with compiling DOSBox or other projects. I'd like to add third party patches to DOSBox as well but only when they maje sense to do so. So no kitchen sink approach like daum.


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