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Links 2.14 for dos it's out (Users)

posted by KormaX(R), 24.10.2017, 08:18

For the honour of DOS!

Actually I would prefer a javascr*** support. No need to have it enabled, but if it can be compiled with optional js I would like to have it that way. And it can be. If I knew how to compile it to DOS I tried, but I don't know. I already sent an e-mail to Mikulas Patocka and I hope there will be a js enabled binary, because it's a very good browser for DOS, but without js I just cannot say that it's fully capable. It's almost, most of the sites work somehow, more with some workarounds (I can even watch Youtube videos using Keepvid and RAM-disk download), but not everything and not everything with full functionality. Facebook, for example, only works as It's still better than any other DOS browser does, and it works normally as it is a "javascr***less" Facebook, but mbasic Facebook lacks some posts (eg. videos) which are present on the js versions. If I could temporarily turn on js I would be glad. And this is what Links provides when compiled with --enable-javascr***. That would be a new milestone in the history of modern DOS-usage. (The current verson is also a milestone but not as far away).

DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.


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