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DOSBox SVN with HXRT and HXGUI (Emulation)

posted by KormaX(R), 25.10.2017, 21:14

For the honour of DOS!

I think the most necassary patch would be a "passthrough" option for almost every function of DOSBox. It won't be released officially as they are not designing the software for DOS, but anything else. But we would need a version which is technically a Win32 version in order to make it usable with HX.DOS, but in functionality it is optimized for DOS so it wouldn't force the user to emulate every hardware and the whole operating system, and redundantly translating the API from DOS to Windows in order to translate it back to DOS just to get eg. sounds on modern chipsets. Instead it could just forward everything except the sound output. That is definitely something unusable on any other system :D but on DOS it would be one of the most useful ones. What do you think? Would it be a hard time to implement?

DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.


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