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SOUND support in DOS | Capturing PC speaker sound (Developers)

posted by KormaX(R), 28.10.2017, 12:08

Perhaps this is useful for you, this is my hardware according to PLAYWAVE.EXE (HX.DOS)

IHD : Intel PCH (80861E20) -> Realtek (10EC0282) (max 192kHz/24bit/2ch)
IRQ : 10 at INT 0x72 installed

Also here is your program's output:

Unmute - PCBEEP to headphone - Written by TomCat/Abaddon - v1.0/2017
HDA mixer volume: 01F.
HDA device id: 1E20, vendor id: 8086.
- i/o base found at C1610000, mapped to 0094C000, selector: 1A7.
HDA codec id: 0282, vendor id: 10EC.
- codec address found at 00000000, first widget id: 002, last widget id: 023.
- BEEP generator widget id: 001 DISABLED.
- PC speaker widget id: 014 MUTED.
- headphone widget id: 021 UNMUTED.
- PCBEEP widget id: 01D on 0B#4 0C#1 0D#1 0F#0 22#5 22#4 23#5 23#4 UNMUTED.
HDA codec id: 2806, vendor id: 8086.
- codec address found at 30000000, first widget id: 002, last widget id: 008.
- BEEP generator widget id: 001 DISABLED.
- PCBEEP widget not found.

I should have sent it yesterday but my experiments with Hungarian runic script to DOS bidi display screwed up SNIPPER.COM and I couldn't copy-paste anything. Also a similar utility redirecting everything to the internal laptop speakers would be also useful. Unfortunately HX.DOS 2.17+ only outputs to the lineout jack, so I always need externals devices for it. It's not "fully" featured. Also your beeper settings sounds better than my laptop's default, so it would be great if I could set it up to this beeping but to the built-in speakers.

DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.


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