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USB mouse driver for real DOS mode? (Miscellaneous)

posted by mvojvodic(R), 30.10.2017, 18:27

> Glad you got the USB mouse to work for you.
> In DOS, each individual program that wants/needs to use a mouse must do it
> internally -- there is no "universal" support for mice in DOS like there is
> in Windows. I'd say maybe less than 10% of the DOS programs know how to
> use a mouse -- most of them don't. And, of the ones that know how to use a
> mouse, there are only a handful that know how to use a wheel -- those are
> extremely rare.
> MOUSKEYS will allow many programs to use a mouse (you can even use a mouse
> at the DOS prompt), but using MOUSKEYS will never work as well as a program
> that supports a mouse natively. I made MOUSKEYS a long time ago, before
> DOS even supported wheels. If I ever release a new version of MOUSKEYS
> (which I may do someday), it will include support for wheels. I haven't
> tried Ninho's program myself.

Ninho's WheelK v1 does not work with MOUSKEYS and Norton GHOST DOS USB
mouse drivers.


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