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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.11.2017, 06:51

> There's also "Pacific C for MS-DOS, v7.51" in case it's forgotten.

I've used it, but I suspect OpenWatcom is better. Then again, you found some "scary" bugs (IIRC), so maybe you think otherwise.

> > But it's a somewhat limited toolset, and I think SmallerC would
> > make a better package. Would that be okay with you if I made one?
> > It would go in the Software List under Development, mirrored on iBiblio.
> Include the project GitHub URL and the SHA of the top commit somewhere in
> the package description, so the package can be traced back if needed as I
> don't maintain a version in the binaries.

Sounds reasonable.

> Also, it's probably a good idea to include the project wiki pages
> into the package since there's no /? or --help option in the binaries
> and somehow those wiki pages are not really part of the project
> (you don't get them in the .zip file downloaded from gitHub

Sounds tedious, but I'll try (maybe).

> > In annoying (but unsurprising) news, VirusTotal claims to find
> a trojan in your Win32 PE/.EXE files (under binw).
> Imbeciles. So much for all the AI/ML/etc hype.

I've had this problem over a dozen times over the years with various tools. It's just bad heuristics, overzealous detection of anything atypical.

> > Actually, MS Security Essentials deleted my local .ZIP
> while I was just listing the files in it! So I had to go to
> "Settings" and add it to "Excluded files and locations".
> Um... I had the project directory excluded on my Windows 7 because it was
> slowing things down, but I just removed the exclusion and scanned the
> directory with Security Essentials and all was OK. The virus/malware
> definitions were last updated yesterday (version What's on
> your end?

I'm on the wrong machine right now, but I did update the definitions yesterday. But I'm not imagining this, it definitely deleted it, ugh. Even after having similar problems like this, it's still annoying.

On this machine, I don't have that installed, only Avast, and even it whines, even after updating. So I just now reported your .ZIP as false positive, hoping they'll fix their error (and maybe it will propagate to other databases).

If it makes you feel any better, out of morbid curiosity, I also submitted an innocuous .ZIP of mine to VirusTotal, and it claimed to find ".BAT viruses" (when really they were just analogous to simple shell scripts using sed). :-P


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