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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by alexfru(R), USA, 12.11.2017, 12:07

> > On this machine, I don't have that installed, only Avast, and even it
> > whines
> Even old Firefox on this ancient Puppy Linux is whining, so I had to
> manually "Unblock" just to download it from Github.
> Just as an experiment, I changed the useless "cannot be run in DOS" stub
> message in one PE/.EXE, and that reduced some (but not all) warnings. So
> that's how stupid some of them are, even changing something simple like
> useless text avoids "detection". The obvious red flags (to us) are claims
> of "generic" or "heuristic", which are often bogus.

I just recompiled the five executables with OW 1.9 and mingw (gcc 4.8.2) and the results are significantly better:

This doesn't tell us what it is that that stupid virusware doesn't like. MZ stub? Date/time stamp? Zero checksum? Linker version? Stack & heap sizes? PE header size? Lack of imports from the brain-dead msvcrt.dll? Import entries in .data instead of a section of their own? And there's no guarantee this problem won't come up again even if the format changes to please the virusware of today.


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