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anyDOS Enhancement Project (Announce)

posted by lproven(R) Homepage E-mail, Prague, Czechia, 16.11.2017, 16:49

Thanks for the reply!

> may I suggest FreeDOS for this effort, as FreeDOS may be distributed, and
> should perform essentially identical.

I know about FreeDOS, yes, but I am not a big fan. I find it more interesting, and more fun, to use the authentic 1980s code. That is the retrocomputing angle.

I also hope to get some more interesting stuff running on top, such as DESQview, GEOS, DR-DOS Task Manager and so on, and I do not trust 100% compatibility in FreeDOS.

Secondly, bootable FreeDOS USB images already exist.

> RUFUS might help
> you as a starting point to get a bootable USB stick with a tiny FreeDOS
> configuration.

You appear to assume I am working on Windows. I am not.

Main dev platforms here are Ubuntu and Mac OS X. :-)

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