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UPXDUMP version 19-NOV-2017 available (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 21.11.2017, 01:38

> I, Robert Riebisch, have released UPXDUMP version 19-NOV-2017.
> Reasons for the update: I was just curious to review my 8-year old code and
> it ended up with some fixes and a Win32 console version. :-P

I do find this tool useful and use it occasionally. And yes, a Win32 .EXE is also good to have (instead of having to load DOSBox just for this).

But I do wonder why you have two separate DOS .EXEs, though. If you wanted LFN support, you could use i8086-msdos cross-target, which supports it. Of course, the .EXE would be bigger than bare-bones TP, but only floppy users would complain. (Yes, we could probably argue that LFNs need 386+ in almost all environments anyways. Not sure, ROM DOS claims "186", but I don't know if that is the LFN version. Also, I think StarLFN could maybe be reassembled for 8086 with a few small tweaks, too.)

Heck, you could (in theory) just compile with Virtual Pascal and use the DOS .EXE as stub. That way you'd only have one main .EXE, but it would transparently run in DOS and Windows environments. (Remember when that wasn't necessary? Sigh.)

Anyways, since I'd already mirrored the previous version for us, I've gone ahead and updated it to have this latest version. I assume that's okay with you? (GPL!) :-P


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