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UPXDUMP version 19-NOV-2017 available (Announce)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 21.11.2017, 23:44

> I do find this tool useful and use it occasionally. And yes, a Win32 .EXE
> is also good to have (instead of having to load DOSBox just for this).

So at least one user under the sun. ;-)

> But I do wonder why you have two separate DOS .EXEs, though. If you wanted
> LFN support, you could use i8086-msdos cross-target, which supports it. Of
> course, the .EXE would be bigger than bare-bones TP, but only floppy users
> would complain. (Yes, we could probably argue that LFNs need 386+ in almost
> all environments anyways. Not sure, ROM DOS claims "186", but I don't know
> if that is the LFN version. Also, I think StarLFN could maybe be
> reassembled for 8086 with a few small tweaks, too.)

1) I still love my tiny Turbo Pascal.
2) IIRC i8086-msdos cross-target is new to Free Pascal 3.x, but I used 2.4.0, because I ran out of time. Feel free to experiment and tell me (us) the results.

> Heck, you could (in theory) just compile with Virtual Pascal and use the
> DOS .EXE as stub. That way you'd only have one main .EXE, but it would
> transparently run in DOS and Windows environments. (Remember when that
> wasn't necessary? Sigh.)

Running XP x86 here, so no problem at all. :-D

> Anyways, since I'd already
> mirrored
> the previous version for us, I've gone ahead and updated it to have this
> latest version. I assume that's okay with you? (GPL!) :-P

Honestly? I was looking forward to that moment! :-P

1) Why is Insight mirrored at and not at ''?
2) is in 'tools' too. Why not 'lib' or 'librarians'? (We have 'make' and 'link'!)


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