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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 22.11.2017, 06:43

> On this machine, I don't have that installed, only Avast, and even it
> whines, even after updating. So I just now reported your .ZIP as false
> positive, hoping they'll fix their error (and maybe it will propagate to
> other databases).

(I hate to pollute your thread with this, it's almost off-topic.)


Sadly, they still haven't fixed their false detection. At least, "Reanalyze" on VirusTotal still shows Avast as saying "Win32:Malware-gen" (where presumably "gen" means "generic", aka heuristic/guess). 12 days later, sigh.

Maybe I shouldn't complain. It's a thankless job, there are thousands of new malwares coming out every day. Plus, I don't pay for this antivirus, it's freeware. So it's not like it's an easy job or anything special I deserve.

But this situation sucks. If you're going to flag with buggy heuristics (which I don't recommend, for obvious reasons), you have to be somewhat diligent in fixing false positives.


On the bright side (sarcasm), even rr's (Win32) UPXDUMP.EXE is apparently suspicious to Avast. Here I was naive and thought it was too vanilla to flag, but nope! I should've known after all the other false positives I've gotten over the years. I know it's typical Internet blowhard to rant and say, "I'm uninstalling!", but maybe that would be best. There's only so many exceptions you can make before the whole thing is more of a nuisance than a solution.

Actually, the simplest answer is: Settings, Enable CyberCapture, change from "always block it" to "allow me to decide". (It previously said it sent it to the labs for analysis, but I have low expectations.)


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