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UPXDUMP version 19-NOV-2017 available (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 22.11.2017, 07:23

> > But I do wonder why you have two separate DOS .EXEs, though. If you wanted
> > LFN support, you could use i8086-msdos cross-target, which supports it.
> > Of course, the .EXE would be bigger than bare-bones TP, but only floppy
> > users would complain.
> 1) I still love my tiny Turbo Pascal.

I don't blame you.

Anyways, VP21 doesn't like "inline" (because it has, limited, inline functions). So you'd need a more portable SwapEndian func. Also, some things by default are the wrong size, e.g. bytes_read for BlockRead would be longint instead of word. (Maybe {&Use32+} would avoid that? Bah, I don't have VP installed on this laptop anyways.)

Even ppcross8086 (in default Small model) doesn't like this (where "buf: Pointer"):

> upxdump.pas(126,7) Warning: Conversion between ordinals and pointers is not portable
> upxdump.pas(126,22) Error: Can't take the address of constant expressions
> Inc(Longint(buf), 4); { 4 }

But it shuts up if you use "-WmLarge" instead. The resulting .EXE is roughly 49 kb (or 19 kb UPX'd). But I think it has some small discrepancies reporting UPX filters used.

So this may need a further look. It may not be quite as obvious as I presumed.

> 2) IIRC i8086-msdos cross-target is new to Free Pascal 3.x,

Yes, "new" from almost two years ago, in Nov. 2015. :hungry:

> but I used 2.4.0, because I ran out of time. Feel free to experiment and
> tell me (us) the results.

It may not be worth the hassle, just telling you out of curiosity and completeness.

> > Heck, you could (in theory) just compile with Virtual Pascal and use the
> > DOS .EXE as stub. That way you'd only have one main .EXE, but it would
> > transparently run in DOS and Windows environments. (Remember when that
> > wasn't necessary? Sigh.)
> Running XP x86 here, so no problem at all. :-D

Bah, it would probably get flagged by Avast. Trying my own dual file like that does get scanned but it eventually lets it run anyways. Renaming the file, just to trick it, and now it says "IDP.ARES.Generic, Move to Virus Chest", ugh! (This file only reads text files, doesn't do anything else except simple stdin+stdout writes.)

But if even FPC gets flagged, then VP isn't worse, just equally as "bad". :-P

> Btw:
> 1) Why is Insight mirrored at
> and not at
> ''?
> 2) is in 'tools' too. Why not 'lib' or
> 'librarians'? (We have 'make' and 'link'!)

FreeDOS usually tries not to break potential links (however few they may be). But sometimes things can get renamed or moved around. There's not much pressing need to do so (yet). I would probably ask Jim Hall (and/or Jerome, Mateusz) for advice before doing any such restructuring.


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