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UPXDUMP version 19-NOV-2017 available (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 22.11.2017, 11:29

> Even ppcross8086 (in default Small model) doesn't like this (where "buf:
> Pointer"):
> > upxdump.pas(126,7) Warning: Conversion between ordinals and pointers is
> not portable
> > upxdump.pas(126,22) Error: Can't take the address of constant
> expressions
> >
> > Inc(Longint(buf), 4); { 4 }

There is an identifier for that:
- ptrint is the integer equivalent of pointer for all FPC2+ versions.
- intptr is the same, but Delphi XE2+ (and added as alias in FPC 2.6.0 or so)

So probably it is a matter of putting

{$ifndef fpc}
type ptrint = longint;

somewhere central and then doing


The situation to support both Delphi 64-bit AND to support old FPC (2.4) versions is more complicated, as well as TP3 that iirc could do small mm?


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