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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 30.11.2017, 18:43
(edited by Rugxulo on 30.11.2017, 19:18)

> I've moved the documentation as markdown files (.md) from the wiki to
> v0100/doc, so one can get it together with the rest of the project whether
> by git-cloning or downloading the archive file off github. Better than
> nothing, IMO.

Thanks! I'll definitely take a closer look.


BTW, not to harp on it forever, but I wonder if these antiviruses ever test each other? Or if they test their own development tools? Surely that would be the first thing to do, to make sure they aren't compromised, right? :yes: What could go wrong? :lol3:



> And it wouldn't let me get the file out of quarantine (bug?).

Okay, just for full transparency, if you're morbidly curious ....

Firefox 57.0.1 (64-bit), Win7 ... I go to the Github page and click "Clone or Download". It does download, but the file is 0 bytes. In the download window, it has a red circle with a white line in the center. "This file contains a virus or malware." Which is annoying, obviously, since VirusTotal gives zero false positives anymore! So that means Firefox is somehow aware of the .ZIP's "checkered" past (pardon the ridiculousness) but is too dumb to know that it has improved.

Right click -> Allow Download brings up a message box that can't be switched away from. I can't minimize Firefox, nor can I switch tabs even (although of course I can run other programs). Title is "Are you sure you want to allow this download?", actual message is "This file contains a virus or other malware that will harm your computer.", "You can search for an alternate download source or try again later." [Allow download] [Cancel]

(Alternate source?? Try again later??? Does that even make practical sense????)

So I click allow, and it then shows up correctly as 1.6 MB .ZIP. I can do "unzip -Cpaa *.zip *binw/readme.txt", and it will display the text correctly.

Right click -> Clear Downloads. Pointless, but I always do this. It just clears the history ... except here it also deletes the .ZIP. ("Remove from history" also does this!) So, sadly, I have to rename or move the file first before it does that ... else I have to jump through all the hoops again! (Maybe they assumed no one would ever rightfully unblock a file.)

Maybe it's just a silly Firefox bug (which I will not waste my time reporting). But I've previously had (rare) "errors" like this in Chrome, too, for other innocent stuff. I understand that viruses are a problem, but at some point it's insane to be so error-prone in false positives.

I don't blame you, obviously, just saying it's a giant mess, and I don't even do or use anything sensitive.

EDIT #2: Using the URL to at VirusTotal does give me 2/66 false positives (while uploading the file itself doesn't).


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