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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by alexfru(R), USA, 03.12.2017, 03:47

> <rant>
> BTW, not to harp on it forever, but I wonder if these antiviruses ever test
> each other? Or if they test their own development tools? Surely that would
> be the first thing to do, to make sure they aren't compromised, right?
> :yes: What could go wrong? :lol3:
> </rant>


> > And it wouldn't let me get the file out of quarantine (bug?).
> Okay, just for full transparency, if you're morbidly curious ....
> Firefox 57.0.1 (64-bit), Win7 ... I go to the Github page and click "Clone
> or Download".

Chrome and IE don't like the zip file either, although some time ago Chrome either didn't complain about it or let me have the file (you may still have it, although it's not immediately obvious how (the file is downloaded but with the wrong/temporary name; you now need to click on "show all" to see the option for keeping the file, which, I guess, not everyone is smart enough to try)). Speaking of mass hallucinations, they're losing it.

> Maybe it's just a silly Firefox bug (which I will not waste my time
> reporting). But I've previously had (rare) "errors" like this in Chrome,
> too, for other innocent stuff. I understand that viruses are a problem, but
> at some point it's insane to be so error-prone in false positives.

I don't recall which browser did it, but it did once tell me something like "this file isn't downloaded often and may be dangerous". Great logic. Fear all of the unusual.

> I don't blame you, obviously, just saying it's a giant mess, and I don't
> even do or use anything sensitive.
> EDIT #2: Using the URL to at VirusTotal does give me 2/66 false
> positives (while uploading the file itself doesn't).

Same shitty experience as with Security Essentials. It doesn't find any harm in the executables on the disk, but the zip file with all those same files downloaded from the internet is somehow bad for ya. Gotta ban zip files!


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