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DR-DOS Enhancement Project (Announce)

posted by lproven(R) Homepage E-mail, Prague, Czechia, 08.12.2017, 23:33

Small update on this.

I'm still working on VMs, but I know have bootable diskette images of
both. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time either has
been made available.

DR-DOS 7.01-8 is here:

You'll need the rest of DR-DOS 7.01 to install a complete OS but
that's widely available.

A bootable PC DOS 7.1 diskette image is here:

This is a VirtualBox disk image, containing the PC-DOS 7.1 files from
the IBM ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, as made available by IBM and
described here:

If you get that first, AIUI that gives you a licence to a personal-use
copy. I have not modified these files in any way except to combine the
separately-downloadable files and the boot disk image, and to remove
any non-PC DOS files from the disk image.

Again, the rest of the OS must be taken from a copy of PC DOS 7.01.
That too is widely available.

Feedback welcomed.

I am currently working on a VM image of DR-DOS 7.01-6 -- I've gone down 2 versions, to the last released _stable_ version. (7.01-7 & 7.01-8 are marked as being work-in-progress releases.) I have this working well with TaskManager and ViewMax 2, so I have a working FOSS DR-DOS with FAT32, multitasking and a GUI.

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