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chkdsk recovery? (Users)

posted by marcov(R), 09.12.2017, 16:16

> I truly wish there was a member in Toronto Canada, because I am having a
> few issues after a move.
> Will only ask about one, hoping there is well something I can do.
> Ran chkdsk on a partition of one of my hard drives. I use the dos 7.1
> package, and as my floppy drive is a touch questionable, used it instead of
> scandisk.
> Will spare you the details of how the problem likely started, but is there
> a way to recover from a disk full of file0000chk items?

You mean other than restoring a backup? If only remotely possible, first make an image of a filesystem (e.g. using a linux CD and DD and some USB-IDE or USB-sata tool) before running disk checkers, specially if you think something might be wrong.

Anyway, such files are groups of clusters that scandisk couldn't attach to a valid entry in a directory anymore, so it saved them as files. It could be deleted garbage, it could be your actual files, depending on what was actually wrong with your disk.

Probably the filesystem not really recoverable anymore to its old state, but you could try to save as many files that you recognize (either that are still there, or that are in the file###chk files)


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