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DR-DOS Enhancement Project (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 09.12.2017, 18:29

> Feedback welcomed.
> I am currently working on a VM image of DR-DOS 7.01-6 -- I've gone down 2
> versions, to the last released _stable_ version. (7.01-7 & 7.01-8 are
> marked as being work-in-progress releases.)

Okay, I'm assuming you mean EDR-DOS here (although Udo too didn't call 7.01.06 "Enhanced", for whatever reason).

Enhanced DR-DOS 7.01.07 (6.3.2005)
The latest stable version with support for the FAT32 disk API, improved memory management and many other enhancements!

That says "stable", so did you try that specific one? Did it not work as well for you? Because only "Enhanced DR-DOS 7.01.08 WIP (21.7.2011)" says "work-in-progress ... unstable".

But maybe he only focused on FAT32 (etc.) and not so much multitasking.

> I have this working well with
> TaskManager and ViewMax 2, so I have a working FOSS DR-DOS with FAT32,
> multitasking and a GUI.

It's not FOSS. If you say "FOSS", you basically mean four freedoms. At best, EDR-DOS (kernel + shell only) are (AFAIK) "sources available, non-commercial only".

TaskManager (TASKMGR.EXE)? IIRC, they supported task swapping (286+) and pre-emptive multitasking (386+). The latter needs its (closed source, proprietary) EMM386 (with bundled .VXDs or whatever, and its DPMI server enabled). Not sure how well it will work for your uses. (Remember, it's always limited to 64 MB per task, and the DPMI is buggier than with DR-DOS 7.03.)

ViewMax/2? Isn't that just OpenGem?

I still say DOSEMU2 + FreeDOS (+ whatever slim Linux distro, Puppy?) is better, obviously.


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