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DR-DOS Enhancement Project (Announce)

posted by lproven(R) Homepage E-mail, Prague, Czechia, 09.12.2017, 20:25

Small update:

Thanks to the info you gave me, I've updated my VM to 7.01-7.

Again, the boot disk image in the download is the wrong size for
Virtualbox. Again, it's empty anyway. So I had to resize it, then
populate it, then boot my VM off it and install from it.

There's a small feature regression: quitting TaskMgr now hangs the OS.
:-( And I'm still not seeing as much free RAM as I'd like. But it's
there and it works.

I will try to make a bootable USB from it next.

The key there seems to be:

[1] You need a DOS kernel that understands LBA.
[2] You need to make the partition from DOS. It's not happy with one
created by GParted, for example. But I can use Gparted to mark the
partition as active, that seems OK.
[3] With PC-DOS, anyway, it won't SYS it. I had to do ``format D:
/s''. I suspect DR-DOS _will_ format it. We'll see.

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