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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.12.2017, 00:53

> I also made most of the text in the .md files fit a 80-column screen.
> I guess that would make things readier(?) for a package. What's the plan,
> if any?

No huge plans. Sorry, I'm just slow and prone to procrastination. I do still wish to make a .ZIP, though.

> Looks like github's .zip is slightly bigger than the 1.44MB floppy.
> Take binl and binm out and all should fit.

I would omit all binaries (including binw/) except bind/ and bindp/. But of course leave everything else (so it can still Canadian cross-build or whatever).

> Not sure if anyone's actually gonna use a real floppy and maybe a real 386 PC. :)

You'd be surprised. Many 486 users came out of the woodshed for FreeDOS 1.2. And people still build retro PCs, too. Then again, floppies are rarely relied upon. Most such users still use bootable CDs.

But no, normally, FreeDOS isn't stuck to floppies only. FDNPKG is the network-aware package manager, and FDINST is the optional offline installer. So these .ZIPs are just slightly arranged in a special way to facilitate simple package management. Oh, there's also FDI and FDIMPLES (and auto-updated webpages like Development which I already linked you to).

So yeah, I anticipate that potential FreeDOS users will grab this via FDNPKG for their hard disks (and/or virtual machines).


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