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DR-DOS Enhancement Project (Announce)

posted by lproven(R) Homepage E-mail, Prague, Czechia, 17.12.2017, 16:00

> I have the latest QEMM and it runs on my "modern" HW but is't a bit
> unstable compared to good old Pentium III class PC.

What version is that? I have QEMM 97, which reports itself as version 9.00.

> And it's limited to
> 256MB of XMS.

Frankly, I don't mind if the rest is unused. Even 256MB total of EMS + XMS is a vast amount for DOS and would be just fine!

> So for modern HW I sugest to use JEMM(ex) it works fine with
> MS-DOS and FreeDOS but I didn't try with DR-DOS.

The thing is that on DR-DOS, the multitasking requires the DR-DOS memory manager -- and on PC-DOS I would like to get DESQview working, and that requires QEMM386 to work efficiently.

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