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GCC port for Intel 8086, 80186 and 80286 (not included yet) (Announce)

posted by roytam(R), 27.12.2017, 10:36

> Unlike the experimental, alpha
> patch that DJ Delorie semi-baked up a while back, this is a newer
> attempt by Rask Ingemann Lambertsen to utilize GCC for 16-bit cpus
> (targeting ELF only??). It isn't accepted into the GCC tree yet (if ever?),
> but it seems interesting enough to mention here (for the curious):
> Personally, I think Dev86DOS, OpenWatcom, Turbo C, Micro-C, etc. are good
> enough for me for now. (At least, I ain't messing with no stinkin' patches
> for something so complex, ugh.)

There is gcc 16bit output with FreeDOS.


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