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GCC port for Intel 8086, 80186 and 80286 (not included yet) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 28.12.2017, 06:20

> > this is a newer attempt by Rask Ingemann Lambertsen to utilize GCC
> > for 16-bit cpus (targeting ELF only??). It isn't accepted into
>> the GCC tree yet (if ever?), but it seems interesting enough to
> > mention here (for the curious):

I don't even remember mentioning this. It was far from finished, apparently.

> There is gcc 16bit output with FreeDOS.

Okay, this I do know about (barely). But it's not finished either, so getting your hopes up is a bit premature. And yes, this is also based upon Lambertsen's incomplete work.

Jenner did release his improved GCC IA-16 in April of this year (Windows or Linux cross-compilers). One guy mentioned it on FASM's forum, and Jenner even found his way there. So we had a brief discussion about it. That is only for .COM, Tiny or Small model. He also made a brief video about it for GNU Cauldron 2017.

Another person (T.K. Chia) has been hacking it since then to add partial support of far pointers. But I was unaware of that until Bart Oldeman mentioned it on the FreeDOS mailing lists (here and here). So yes, Bart has apparently been working on adapting the kernel to support being compiled by this, but he said it's not quite ready for primetime yet. Not sure how much of this will be mentioned in his FOSDEM 2018 talk next February.

So there is some limited hope, but don't get too excited yet. :-P


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