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FPC 3.0.4 released! - Call for action:-) (Announce)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 08.01.2018, 18:02

Please, who can, try to test the new build of FPC IDE which could have enabled the proper graphical screen saving and restoring.
But I am affraid that Pierre is wrong and the mentioned compilation directive switches the emulation of text mode in graphic mode.

Bellow our e-mail conversation:

I am on the vacation till sunday so I can't test it now. But I report this on one DOS forum and I hope somebody else will test it.

Hi Ladislav
You should try to debug fpvesa.exe directly with go32v2 gdb.exe (without using strip!). This should allow you to get an idea of what is going wrong...
You could also try to do the compilation yourself...

Wait, I re-discovered that the support of VESA graphic modes
is dependent on TESTGRAPHIC conditional, which is only enabled by default
if DEBUG conditional is set.

I added a third version of the IDE into the same zip file.
Could you test fpvesag.exe?

Thanks for the feedback!



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