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Emulation of Adlib in DOS (Miscellaneous)

posted by KormaX(R), 20.01.2018, 13:08

Sorry for being late! It's here.

Tha page is in Hungarian but you will recognize the big yellow/orange button with the arrow directed to the bottom (Letöltés). It's a picture so it looks the same even from DOS browsers until it displays the graphics. You will find a PLAY.BAT is my command for controlling the initialization of the preconfigured programs supposed to run through DOSBox. They are configured by placing some files in their directory (or temporarily on my Z: ramdrive) so the batch script looks for them and gives a default command line to run them. It's overridible by parameters, as you will see. But this way I can run a program by simplichanging to its directory and typing the PLAY command. It will finally result something like this:


where dbx.bat is the batch script DOSBox will execute and local.dbx is the DOSBox config file for that particular program for an external CRT monitor. For my built-in 1366x768 LCD PLAY must find the required files on the ramdrive and then a 382.DBX in the working directory, which contains the DOSBox configurations for the 382 VESA mode.

If the file is unavailable when you will try to download it, just send me a mail to

DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.


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