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RxDOS 7.22 (Announce)

posted by Guti(R) Homepage, 13.03.2018, 10:54


> This is the third RxDOS version I'm releasing, though still only as a
> Mercurial repository on For the preparation of this version,
> I "identicalised" RxCMD to its previous incarnation (RxDOSCMD), meaning I
> adjusted things so that the build is almost byte-identical. (It is presumed
> that all remaining differences are due to either very minor changes (eg,
> DEFAULT_MINENVIRONMENT changed), or the assemblers' differing choice of
> synonymous opcodes.) Although I closed that branch and didn't continue its
> history, the actual changesets show that only several NOPs and word-width
> specifiers were needed, which proves to me that the port at the branching
> point was perfect.
> Further, I implemented a flat NASM-only build of RxCMD, with an MZ .EXE
> header created by the assembler instead of an external linker. This means
> that WarpLink is no longer required to assemble everything; and this also
> means that running the make script doesn't require neither NTVDM nor
> dosemu2 any longer, as no DOS-only programs are used. (Only is
> currently kept up to date, so should be the reference to building.)
> Get it at
> ETA: Note that this is still in an early stage beyond the mere
> porting to NASM. I do not recommend its use for anything.

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