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Asm IDT "equivalent" for DPMI clients (Developers)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 14.03.2018, 20:18

Maybe one reason is that your DPMI client app runs under ring 3, while DPMI server runs under ring 0 so you cannot change all you want. I think it's not good idea to completly replace IDT. Under DPMI it's complicated because there can happen interrupts in real mode and pmode too so there are 2 ways to handle them. DJGPP provides some DPMI wrappers usefull for hooking your own ISR. I don't remember details...
The __dpmi_allocate_ldt_descriptors() function is good for defining your own segment if you need e.g. some MMIO memory transfer. For IDT stuff there should be similar functions...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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