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link 2.15 with JS for dos it's out (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 06.05.2018, 05:30

> Great News!
> Has anyone tested the new version yet? Particularly the javascr***... I
> know it's way too old, but does it actually improved anything? Are there
> any basic things Links used NOT to do that it does now via javascr***?
> Right now I cannot use my DOS machine connected to the internet.
> Thanks.

Not really. A brief try (a week or so ago) of Google Groups didn't show any effect. I'm not really surprised.

On a different note, the old 2008 DJGPP build of Wget seems to have recently stopped working on some sites (notably, and due to SSL problems. Even Kostylev's 2017 Curl build doesn't really seem to work. (Fiddling a bit with switches didn't really help.)

But Links2 does seem to still work on such sites, so that's good.

I would still like some kind of automated tool. (Can Links2 download without prompt? Bah, need to read the manual closer.) Kostylev did build a newer Wget (2017), but I haven't tested it much (and the config file is different, or at least different location). Maybe I need to try rebuilding Curl myself.


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